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What Motorcycle Mechanic's Don't Want You To Know About Leaking Fork Seals

Leaking fork seals can be a huge problem for many people on thier motorcycle's. Not to mention it can be very dangerous not to repair your leaking fork seals. However the problem is that the motorcycle shops and mechanics will almost always tell you that your front fork seals MUST be replaced. This is just not the case and Typically the motorcycle shops will charge an upwards of $300 to repair your fork seals. You could alsoreplace them on your own and spend many time consuming hours replacing your fork seals, thinking that you will take care of the problem. Many people will quickly find out that they will have another leaking fork seal in no time! Here are some of the problems with the motorcycle shops "reccommendation":

Over 90% of Leaking Fork Seals DO NOT Need to be Replaced.

Yes that's right over 90% of leaking fork seals do not need to be replaced. So what does that mean? It means that even if you spent the money and replaced your fork seals you would still continue to have leaking fork seals. Time and time again we get email's from people saying that they already had thier fork seals replaced and within a few weeks they started leaking again. The only problem they had was that they wish they would have found our Seal Mate tool BEFORE they spent hundreds having the fork seals replaced.

You Can Fix Your Leaking Fork Seals For Only $5.00 with the Seal Mate Tool.

What the motorcycle shops do not want you to know is that instead of spending anywhere between $100 to over $300 to replace your motorcycles fork seals, you can repair your leaking fork seals for about repair fork seals leaking with Seal Mate the only tool to fix and repair leaking fork seals$5.00. What happens is that your street bike or dirt bike will getsomething lodged between the seal and the fork stanchion. The Seal Mate tool is specifically engineered to safely and securely remove the debris lodged between the seal and the fork tube.


Maintain your Fork Seals In Order to Prolong the Life of Your Fork Seals and Prevent Them From Leaking.

Often times the little maintainance will go a long way. That's why we at R&J Engineering have invented the Seal Mate tool. It's a way to have a cost effective tool for riders to repair thier leaking fork seals and maintain them in order to prolong the life of the fork seals. We have found that some shops don't want you to prolong the life of your seals so that you will need to replace them sooner.

Check Out Seal Mate In Action On This 2006 Yamaha FJR 1300 Street Bike
Got a Dirt Bike Instead? See How Seal Mate Repairs These Leaking Fork Seals
Want to Fix Your Leaking Fork Seals and Maintain Them With the Seal Mate Tool? Buy Now Only $4.99!